Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day Banner

A very Happy Mother's Day to all!

I live about 350 miles from my Mom, but when we get together, we sure have fun. A few months ago we met up with my sister and made seat cushions for my little Scotty camper. Mostly, they made the cushions and I got drinks, scissors, and supplies, pressed seams, made sandwiches and tried to be useful!

Mom hard at work.
  The sweatshop is open for business.

Here we are congratulating each other for a good two days work. 
Thanks Mom and Kathy- you are the best!

In honor of my amazing Mom, I made a quick little banner for Mother's Day using my new Ribbon, 3D die, some pretty papers from Bazzill and cool bumpy yarn. The Serif Essentials alphabet were used to make the letters from glitter cardstock. This banner could be made to celebrate any special occasion. The ribbons go together in a few seconds and they are so much fun to mix and match!

 I cut two of each letter- one from silver glitter paper and one from matboard. I used my new ColorBox Blends™ inks to blend colors over the letters, then glued the glitter letters on top.
Tiny clothespins were used to clip the letters to the yarn.
I adhered the bows with Zots  directly to the yarn and also stuck it to the door.

...or hang it on the back of a chair to celebrate Mom's special day.
Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. What a beautiful treat for your Mum - and they will last a lot longer than flowers too!

    1. Thanks Anne. Yes, true! She is the queen of the family and totally deserves some bling :-)

  2. Eileen, What a darling banner. I know your Mom loves it! She and your sister are fantastic seamstress. You girls are lucky to have such a talented Mom. Now we know where you get all of that creative talent!

    1. My mom always had several projects going- and she loved trying new things. She still is always ready to tackle a project and is happy to be repaid with a dinner out :-) What a deal! Thanks for your nice comment!