Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bird and bear bibs

 I have some new favourite dies -
I think these look good on little bibs, but I also have other ideas for Christmas!
I love the simple shapes - they are ideal for applique - although for the bear I have embroidered the eyes and nose as the pieces are so small.
To make the bib I cut a triangle 42cm across and 24cm to the point -
and I cut off the points on the top corners.
I fused Heat and Bond to the wrong side of mid grey and aqua coloured plain fabrics and, using the die and the Big Shot, cut out the bird in grey and the heart/wing and the eye in aqua
I fused it in place and then stitched around the shape so that it will withstand multiple washes.
 The backing was cut in towelling, the 2 pieces were stitched, right sides together, leaving an opening in one side -
When the bib is turned right side out the opening is slip stitched together.
To complete 2 small pieces of Velcro were stitched on the corners of the bib -
remember that one piece will be on the right side and the other will be on the wrong side.
The bear bib is made in the same way, but I fused the pieces on in stages to make the stitching easier -
If-the scarf is stitched a piece at a time you don't need to keep stopping and starting and securing the ends of the threads
and I stitched French knots for the eyes, and a few satin stitches for the nose -
then the bib is put together in the same way as the bird bib.
I've given one with a bear on it to my daughter for her little boy, and I think I might be making a few more. You can make then personal by adding the baby's name, using one of our alphabet dies - is a good size and quite fun because it's irregular.
That's all for this week - I hope I'll see you at the Festival of Quilts - I have lots of dies to demonstrate - so come and say hello to me on Lady Sew and Sew, or Beth on Cotton Patch, and Mandy on Abakhan.
Enjoy the show if you're coming, or enjoy some sun and sewing.

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