Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I know it's not a real word but I'm a busy man and I have got time to go around talking about upcycling using die-cut stencils!

Last week we looked at using shop bought stencils and I thought 'Why not make your own Pete, after all, we do have some dies just crying out to be used in this way'.

I decided to take my own advice for once, especially as I have a cool idea for a house warming gift. On Saturday morning I shall be helping my good friend Wayne move house which is going to be a gradual process for Wayne and his family so on Saturday we are tackling the big stuff! 

Some of the dies I have used today are among the most popular releases this year alongside some timeless classics....

I have also used an assortment of Stampers Anonymous stamps and three different Americana acrylic paints...let the fun begin!

Whilst on holiday recently I was trawling the shops for items which might benefit from a bit of Sizzix bling when I came across these lovely sentiments screen printed onto wooden backgrounds, they were a bargain at £3 each so I bought four of them. Next, I took a sanding pad and removed the sentiment giving me a blank canvas to work on.

I used the Word Play die to die-cut the legend 'august 2015' from thin kraft card and applied them to the wood using a thin layer of spray adhesive, just enough to hold them in place but easy to remove afterwards.

Next, I cut apertures in some thin kraft card to use as stencils. The reason I use kraft card is because it is not as absorbent as normal card making it ideal for disposable stencils. Time to choose my colours and I've decided to use Americana acrylics by Decoart.  My base colour will be Pistachio Mint and I will use Bahamas Blue and Taffy Cream to add detail.

I am applying the paint using a round sponge applicator, it's more controllable than a stencil brush and it's both quick and easy to wash up after. I worked over the die-cut letters in applying the main body of the paint.

Now it's time to add the detail around the edges using my home made die-cut stencils

I lightened the green colour with some white chalky paint to add a little contrast, I then rolled out the paint with a brayer and applied it using various stamps it gives a wicked effect.

Now it's time to add the blue and cream, it's important to get a nice balance so think carefully before adding new elements, believe me I've learnt this through experience!

Add a little more stamped detail with the blue and cream acrylic before removing the die-cut letters using the tip of a craft knife.

And here is the finished piece, pretty cool and super easy to do, in fact, it's hard to go wrong using this technique as long as you are careful with your initial colour selection. I think I will try to give stencilling a rest for a little while but it's just so much fun!!!

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