Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wonderland Bird Decoration

  HI there. Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I used this same die to decorate a baby bib - well now I'm thinking ahead to Christmas - I know it's early but I don't want to have a mad rush in December -
Doesn't this make a lovely decoration - and all you have to do is cut out a pair of birds in red - using the Bigz die -, and of course a Big Shot Machine - , and cut the a pair of wings and eyes from white felt. 
I used sparkly red and white felt but plain will work just as well.
Stitch the wings and eyes in place first, either by hand or machine.

Then stitch the 2 birds together to complete.
Now these can just sit on the Christmas tree, or you could string them on ribbon or thread and hang them.
I have lots more ideas for this die so I think you will be seeing him quite a few more times between now and Christmas.
By for now.

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