Sunday, 30 August 2015

Decorating A Planner

I am a bit of a planner nerd at heart and often find new planners to add to my collection. I recently received a spiral bound 'Life Planner' which was fairly blank on the front and back covers, with the exception of some gold lettering.

So I decided it needed the Sizzix treatment and made some pretty planner decorations for the cover!

The planner cover is made from a nice cardboard so it was easy to stick decorations to it with some PVA glue. I used a gold and peach colour theme and used some of the cut out shapes to decorate with too.

Items used include:

Scrapbooking Papers
PVA Glue

A quick and easy DIY to make the planner look a lot prettier. Customising a planner is a great way to put your own style on it too!

Happy planning!


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