Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pillow Box

Hi there,
today it's Saturday and I'm here again.
Today I would like to show you the nice Pillow Boxes for the table decoration of a very good friend of mine. She prepares a special dinner in her garden and she asked me to create some little goodies for each guest.
The tables will be decorated with wonderful Hydrangeas in different berry colors.

I fixed the Pillow Box with double-sided sticky tape and the Flowers with my glue gun.

"Grunge-style" stamp motive looks very nice for the background.
The german stamp 'Sommerduft' means 'summer smell' and fits perfectly for a dinner in a summer garden.

For a little bit more decoration, I put some pink yarn and some Enamel Dots an the Pillow Boxes.
So - I wish my girlfriend good luck and hope, it will be a successful evening!

I wish you all a lovely weekend and hope, we will see us next Saturday!

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