Monday, 21 October 2013

a quilt for a boy

A friend of mine has just had a little baby boy. In my house there seem to be an awful lot of quilt tops lying around ready to be quilted that are perfect for little girls...but not for little boys. So this weekend I set about making a simple zig zag quilt using the tutorial I posted a while ago for a 2-hour quilt top. This 6" finished square die is for the big shot pro, which I know not many of you own. The biggest half square triangle die for the normal big shot machine is the 5" (which when sewn into a quilt makes a 4.5" square). You would need to make your quilt 8 rows of 8 squares to make one the same size (mine is  6 x 6).

@artgalleryfabrics zig zags

I used 7 of the prints from this stack below, because I wanted a small, square quilt that would be useful as a playmat and small enough to use in the car or pram. It will finish at 36" square once I've got those blocks sewn together, which is a really nice baby quilt size.

I'll get this finished today and sew the binding on tonight so I can take it to my friend tomorrow and meet the little baby for the first time. I think it'll be the last baby any of my friends have, most of our children are older and we're all done with the baby stage. That's a little sad, isn't it?

  Added a couple more prints. Think I'm happy now.


  1. This looks great. I am hoping father Christmas will bring me a sizzix for Christmas.

  2. Aaaaaaah! Then you start with making baby quilts for your own grandchildren or for family and friends' grandchildren. As Great Aunt to 16 before we had our little granddaughter I made loads of quilts. Then nearly all our friends became grandparents before we did! I have made 6 baby quilts for friends' grandchildren so far this YEAR! You will never have nothing to sew!

  3. Very cute! I love simple piecing for baby quilts and this kicks it up a notch but still easy, quick and ready to go!