Thursday, 3 October 2013

Present sack

This week is another idea for Christmas - a simple present sack, which like last week can be made in any size you like.
My sack is about 24" deep and 22" wide, and I've decorated it with snowmen, using Bigz die 658770 - Snowman by Tim Holtz- but again you could applique any shape you like onto it. We have lots of Christmas dies on
I fused the fabric before cutting with the die and Big Shot - some elements I didn't include as they were very small, and I used a straight stitch to attach them to the fabric, after fusing them to the main fabric.

After stitching all  the pieces together I added the eyes and the mouth using French Knots embroidery stitch.

 To make the sack fold the fabric Right Sides together and stitch along the side and bottom edge.
Repeat with the lining fabric but leave several inches unstitched on the bottom edge, to allow for turning.
Match the open edges Right Sides together and stitch.
Turn the sack Right Side out and slipstitch the opening in the lining together.
Tuck the lining inside the sack.
Attach a length of ribbon or cord to the side of the sack to fasten.
Quick enough to make one for any number of relatives or for the any Christmas fairs.
Hope you're enjoying our quick Christmas projects.
Keep sewing.

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