Thursday, 24 October 2013

Scrappy hexagons

As you  may have realised I'm really excited about hexagons at the moment, but I don't always have as much time as I would like to complete something - so I have used a quick, maybe a cheats, way of doing hexagons..
I also wanted to create something quite different to the traditional pieced hexagons that I'm also working on - so I used a jelly roll for the hexagons to create the scrappy look. I used the Bigz die 658317 to cut the hexagons - you can cut up to 32 hexagons in one go - how good is that!!
I fused some web onto a backing fabric and then placed the hexagons in place and fused them into place - you have to be careful when placing them so that they fit together well and there are no gaps between them.
As you may see the blue with yellow swirls needs adjusting to that it butts up against it's neighbours.
This is a really quick way to create a hexagon patchwork and when fused in place I stitched around the hexagons with luminous pink ( luminous threads are very popular at the moment) to complete the look. 

You could make a whole quilt like this if you wanted - but you would probably need to make it in sections as it would be quite difficult to stitch a complete piece in one go.
So what am I making - you'll need to look in again next week to find out.

Bye for now.

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