Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Completely Batty!

I know that Halloween almost upon us but I had a cool idea the other day using my beloved Framelits Circle dies which appealed to me. I know plenty of people who are batty all year round so I thought what the heck!

I started out with four Framelits of varying sizes which we shall refer to as 1,2,3 and 4, 1 Being the smallest and 4 the largest. The Framelits set used was the Circles #2 set.

I started by die cutting two black circles using dies 3 and 4. I then placed die 2 in the centre of the large die cut circle and cut a hole in the centre. Next, I cut either side of the centre, this creates a set of wings.

I then took the second of my die cut circles and placed die 1 just overhanging the top before cutting to form the body/face. I then use die 1 and 4 to cut two yellow circles before punching a hole in the small yellow circle and cutting it in half with a pair of scissors. Next, I printed the legend 'Completely Batty!' onto a piece of plain chipboard and trimmed it to size.

All that remained was for me to assemble the eyes, body and wings before attaching them to the moon and mounting it all onto the chipboard rectangle which has had it's corners rounded using a corner punch. Finally,, I attached it to the face of my base card.

A bat card for all seasons! all that remains is to choose a lucky recipient from my list of batty friends/relatives!

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