Monday, 28 October 2013

lots and lots of half square triangles

I spent the weekend in Malvern at the Autumn Quilt Festival doing demonstrations for Lady Sew and Sew and this morning I am absolutely exhausted! I've been sat at the computer trying to think of something to blog about but all I can think of is how I need to unpack my bag and sort out all my stuff. My brain might still be in one of my bags!

I will also be doing demonstrations this weekend at the Autumn Quilt Festival in Duxford so if you're thinking of going make sure you come and say hello!

Last week I finished off the zig zag quilt for my friend's baby, and I'm happy to say she loved it. I always worry a little bit about making quilts for people. They're quite personal, and what I consider to be gorgeous fabrics the recipient might not agree. I tried to stay safe using soft blues and greys, with a little bit of aqua. Colours that are good for baby boys.

baby zig zag quilt

When I was in Malvern I decided I'd bring along fabrics to cut into half square triangles to make a scrappy quilt. I now have a small mountain of pieces, that I will gradually sew together in between other projects. There's no plan or pattern I intend to follow, just lots and lots of half square triangles, maybe it'll end up a zig zag, maybe it'll end up less structured. We'll see! All of the fabrics I cut were from different collections by Art Gallery Fabrics. I still have more to cut up, which I will most likely do this coming weekend. I get through so much fabric when I'm doing demonstrations that I like to have a plan for them, otherwise I end up with bits and pieces that end up in my scrap bin. This way it'll be a lovely reminder of the time I spent with Lady Sew and Sew.

a mountain of triangles

What did you get up this weekend? I hope yours was as fun as mine, but maybe a little less tiring!


  1. so so darling! love the big chevrons!

  2. Oh poor you! Hope you don't get lost this weekend but great little boy quilt