Saturday, 12 October 2013

Candy Corn Cake Box

It's that time of year again for the Halloween candy and pumpkins to come out. I made some little favor boxes using Halloween fabrics and my Sizzix ScoreBoards Cake Slice die. ScoreBoards are unique to Sizzix and have been specially designed to cut and score thick materials like matboard and chipboard. They make nice sturdy boxes, albums and folders. Here’s how to make a Halloween version of the Sizzix ScoreBoard Cake Slice die.
I like to try different techniques and use interesting materials to cover my boxes. In this project, fun Halloween fabrics were used.
Box w/Lid, Cake Slice
Borders & Hydrangeas
Sweet Treats for You
Big ShotXL Cutting Pads 
Little Sizzles Cream Mat Board
black and orange cardstock
glue gun
spray adhesive
Halloween fabrics
  • Cut two piece of fabric 6” x 13”. Spray the back of the fabric with spray adhesive and place one on each side of the mat board.  This will give you color inside and outside of the box. If you only want color on one side, just add one piece of fabric. You could also paint, ink or stamp one side and use fabric or paper on the other… so many options!)
  • Run through die cut machine with the right side of the mat board facing the Cake Slice die.
  • Fold all score lines over 180 degrees to break the fibers of the board and make it easier to work with.
  • When using fabric to cover boxes, a glue gun is the best bet for a very strong hold. (when making a box with matboard or paper, ThermO Web iCraft Tape works great)
  • Butt the end flaps of the cake body to one another and attach them to the flap of the cake bottom.
  • Fold the cake bottom over and adhere to the cake body. (click for additional assembly instructions)
  • Cut borders from Borders & Hydrangea die and add to the middle of the cake slice.
  •  TIP: To save time, fold a 12″ strip of paper in half and set it right inside the die cutting line on one end- it doubles the length of the strip and it’s just long enough to go around the box.
  • Adhere border to the cake slice placing the fold on the pointy end of the slice. Fold end pieces around the back of the cake slice and adhere in place.
  • Cut out the Hydrangea shapes from black and orange paper. Curl petals with a stylus or bone folder. Secure layers with a brad and adhere to back of box with a glue dot, covering the join of the borders.
  • Cut a label tag from the “For You” Sizzlit from cardstock.
  • Tie a ribbon around the box and add tag and another hydrangea.
  • Add candy corn to box or other Halloween treats!
NOTE:  I’m sorry, I can’t show you the candy corn but it’s in there. If I open the box to take a picture, I will eat every single one :-(
What I usually do is cut out 4-5 cake slices using different fabrics and mix and match the pieces to create one of a kind boxes. You can also add spiders or other creepy things as desired. These boxes make quite an impact when you arrange them on a cake plate.

 I don't know if you celebrate Halloween in Europe like we Americans do. Honestly, it creeps me out a little how realistically gory some people get with decorations and costumes. But I can live with cute Halloween :-) 
Happy Haunting everyone!

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  1. Hi Eileen,

    Personally I don't do Hallowe'en at all (can't do creepy things), but it is getting bigger here in the UK. I do love your boxes though and I probably wouldn't turn one away, especially if filled with candy corn (or any other confectionery!). I really like your idea of putting them all together as a cake - that would make a great impact.