Monday, 4 May 2015

Another Triangles Cushion!

Die used: Triangles, Isosceles & Right 4 1/2in H Assembled

Having set myself an ongoing homework assignment a week or two back to practice different quilting styles and experiment with colour and print combining, I began another cushion practice-piece using my (new and still very exciting!) Big Shot Plus. It's great to be able to flip through some dies and choose one without too much planning and get straight on with it safe in the knowledge that everything will fit together perfectly!

This time the plan was to experiment with and gain a better understanding of low volume fabrics and not always play safe with white and cream/beige. I wanted a row of focal print isosceles triangles running across the centre and so with that as the starting point I used the isosceles and right die to cut 4 triangles from different prints. Next was a dig through my stash and scrap box for some low volume fabrics to cut 8 half isosceles to sew on either side.

Once they were joined in a row I cut the rest of the half isosceles, stitched them together in pairs to give rectangles and played about with a few layouts. I almost went for this one

but settled on this arrangement instead.

Once it was all together it became clear that not all of the low volume fabric was low enough and some of the focal fabrics not strong enough, resulting in the full isosceles triangles blending in more than I'd hoped. It's been a good lesson to learn though and I love the piecing design - it would look really great as a table runner. I've tried bringing the full isosceles triangles out more with the quilting and hopefully adding some bright pieced binding will bring it to life more.

We'll see in next week!

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