Monday, 11 May 2015

Finished Triangles Cushion

Die used: Triangles, Isosceles & Right 4 1/2in H Assembled

The cushion I began last week using isosceles and right triangles is now finished. I love this die so much and plan to make a table runner and a quilt with it at some point.

The plan was to add some bright binding to give it a bit more life and whilst the scraps box was to hand, piecing some from scraps seemed like a good idea.

I'm pretty pleased with the results and I think the binding gives it just the lift it needs.

The back is made from some black and white geometric fabric that I've used before and there's a loop and button fastening on the closing to make more of a feature of it.

It's now brightening up the battered tub chair (along with the cushion from a couple of weeks ago) in the corner of my newly-moved-into sewing room. My boys have taken to sitting there with a book to keep me company whilst I sew!

Have a lovely week and happy sewing!

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  1. preciosooooooooooooooooooo! fantiasticccccccc !