Thursday, 21 May 2015

Summer bag inspired by Chelsea Flower Show

I love going to the quilt shows, and seeing all the amazing quilts and seeing lots of lovely new fabrics. This year I only managed to see a few of the quilts as I wasn't well and so didn't go to the show early - but I did manage to see some of the winners and some of the quilts on my way in.
As always I'm impressed by the skill and originality of the quilts on display, and the wonderful mix of colour.
So now I'm enjoying watching the Chelsea Flower Show - I love the vibrant colours and mass of different shapes of the flowers - so it may not surprise you to see that my project this week involves flowers
I found some beautiful wool felt on Margaret Fox Floral Arts (  stand at Malvern - and decided to make this little bag with floral decoration.
For the bag I cut -
2 pieces of pink felt 24cm x 20cm (9 1/2" x 8") for the bag
2 pieces of pink floral fabric 24cm x 22cm (9 1/2" x 9") for the bag lining
2 pieces of pieces of pink floral 34cm x 6cm (13" x 2 1/2") bag handles
Using the Big Shot Machine and Bigz dies -Heartfelt 660233
Flowers, Layers and Leaves 657690
and Flower layers #13
I cut out and assortment of flowers and hearts in felt and the pink floral fabric.

To make the bag I curved the bottom edges of the felt and fabric bag pieces.
Then on one of the pieces of felt I arranged the flowers, and took a photo -
so that I could remove the felt flowers and stitch on the fabric flowers -
I used a large irregular running stitch to secure the flowers, and frayed some of the edges using a nail file.
I then stitched the felt flowers in place with a central button, and the hearts with small stitches along themed line.
Then I pinned the 2 felt pieces together, with the flowers innermost, and stitched the sides and bottom together ( a 6mm/1/4" seam allowance), and turned it right side out.
I stitched the bag lining in the same way, but left an opening in the bottom to allow for turning.
The bag straps were folded in half down the length, wrong sides together, and a 6mm/1/4" seam allowance was press along each long side, and one end was pressed to create a point. The straps were then stitched along the fold.
I pinned the straps to each side of the bag -
and then put the lining over the  bag, Right sides together, and pinned the top edges together. When the edge was stitched the bag was turned right side out, and the opening in the lining was stitched together.
To finish the bag, the lining was tucked inside and the lining showed as a border around the top of the bag, I pinned and then stitched the bag and the lining together along the seam line.
Tie the straps together and the bag is ready for use.
I think this is a great little bag to a summer party, or for a little girl.
I hope you've enjoyed this project - and as Chelsea is always a sea of colour I'm just playing with another project -

I'm not sure that I like the colour for the cushion - but I think a few more flowers and then some leaves and stems - either in ribbon or embroidery will look great.
So until next week - keep enjoying your sewing ( and Chelsea if you like flowers)

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