Monday 16 February 2015

A love frame using letters from Tim Holtz Alphabet Sizzix die

A couple of days ago was Valentine's day. That very commercial day. That day many hate. Well, I was one of them, but I think anything that celebrates love, even if it's through a commercial interest, its a good thing.

I decided to make something for my house that celebrated love in an understated way, something that can be there all year round and still look and feel right. A frame with letters A-Z and Love inside seemed a good idea.

I only used two dies, both from Tim Holtz: the Bigz XL Alphabet Die - Block Talk Capital and the Bigz die Heartfelt.

I selected first my frame, with an opening of about 18 x 24 cm.I lay down some letters to see if it fit nicely and they did. I cut to fit in a mixed media card (340 gsm) that I know will work well with paint.  Lay down the letters and space them vertically.

Then I marked the horizontal lines where they should go. I made two per letter, but one was a mistake.
I place then horizontally, arranging them visually. As my aim is to paint them all white, the spacing isn't that essentially perfect, but still.

Once I was on the fourth row I added the letters LOVE with a bit more space in between.
Then To proceed to glue them, I used a ruler as a guide and glue the left border ones as well as the right ones.

To make sure the spacing was as good as possible, I then glued the centre ones of each row. Finally I glue the rest. I then glued more layers of letters a bit random. to create some with more height than others.
Actually, I rather like it with the white and Kraft. But, still went ahead with my plan"

Paint it all with white acrylic paint. 

Then I die cut again the word love using a page from an old book. I also die cut the heart and attach it with wet glue.

Finally I painted the frame with gold and silver acrylic spray paint and assembled it.

I hope you like it!