Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sitting comfortably

The mornings and evenings are getting lighter and the snowdrops are out in my garden – it must nearly be spring!!

Before I get carried away with the idea of spring and then summer, I will concentrate on Valentines treats – this cushion is so easy to make – and could be given as a gift to mark a birthday, anniversary or a special friendship.

I have just treated myself to this Alphabet set – which I know I am going to use a lot, but you could just buy a few at a time ( or put it on a wish list for you nearest and dearest to see!!)

Obviously this week I just used 4 letters –

To make the cushion you will need –

½ - 1 metre of fabric (depending on width) from which you cut
1 x 18 ½” square
2 x 14 ¼” x 18 ½”
Red fabric – 20” x 6”
Fusible Web 20” x 6”
3 buttons
Matching threads
18” cushion pad

To make –
To make the cushion back –

Fuse the web onto the wrong side of the red fabric and cut into 4 equal pieces 5” x 6”

Cut each letter once using the Big Shot and each die – place the fabric right side down on the die to cut.

Arrange the letters on the cushion front, and fuse in place -

Stitch in place, by hand or machine – I hand stitched using a buttonhole stitch with matching red thread.

Press a double 2” fold along the longer side of each piece 

10 ¼” x 18 ½” – press and then stitch buttonholes on one piece and stitch 3 buttons on the other.

Do the buttons up and lay the cushion front on top so that the right sides are together – pin and stitch around the 4 sides (I double stitched over the folded layers to give strength)

Undo the buttons and turn the cushion right side out

I have enjoyed making this cushion so much I am going to make some more with different words on – watch this space!

Now I’m aware that I promised a picture of the wool quilt this week – well it’s not quite finished yet so please be patient and I hope to have it completed by next week – along with a very quick make for Valentine’s dinner.

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