Monday, 23 February 2015

Emergency Party Tags

My half-square triangles, offset-chevron quilt top is coming along nicely - I've managed to sew a couple more blocks over the half-term holiday but I'm having a little departure this week from sewing.

It was my youngest son's 4th birthday party on Sunday and when I dug out the books I'd bought and stashed away a while ago to put into the party bags, I realised that there was no way they were going to fit into a standard party loot bag. Cue a frantic dash to the shops to find some larger bags and the best I could find on short notice were packs of brown paper sandwich bags.
With little time to spare I needed a quick and easy way to make them a bit more party-ish and so immediately turned to my Big Shot and Lollipop Shadow Numbers, 01234 die and cut a batch of number 4's from some blue glittery card.

With a hole punched in the top and some string threaded through and knotted they were instantly turned into tags.

And then tied to a handle of a bag. I'd already used my Lollipop Shadow Numbers die a few weeks back to make bunting and decorate the party cups and so the bags actually now fitted in nicely!

A very quick way (thankfully) to spruce up some plain bags and make them a bit more personal. Of course now I wish I'd had more time and could have cut out some multi-coloured spots using my Circles, 3/4in die to decorate the bags further so that they were really party-ish and matched with the bunting and cups - if only I was more organised!

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