Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Here I am again with my awful Easter themed puns, although I have decided to stop apologising!

Last week we made a cute tiger using a set of Framelits hearts dies this week we are making an Easter bunny using the same set. I have made the bunny before on this blog but I have added a few extra details. 

If you want to use the same card/papers then you can download them for free from the Sizzix website by following this link. I like to attach the papers to stiff card using spray adhesive to make them a little more substantial when die-cutting.

I will number the dies 1 to 6 with 1 being the smallest and 6 the largest to make the instructions easier to follow.

You can also download the solid colours to complement the pattern papers and embellishment sheet. I have used these solid colours to die-cut the bunny.

Die-cut two pink hearts using the the number 3 heart one magenta heart using the number 2 and one magenta heart using the number 1 heart

Cut one of the number 3 pink hearts and one of the magenta number 2 hearts in half down the centre and use the parts to create the ears.

 Attach the ears to the rear of the pink number 3 heart and attach the number 1 magenta heart using an adhesive foam pad to create the nose. Die-cut a white number 1 heart and attach it upside down below the nose to create the distinctive teeth using an adhesive foam pad. Add a couple of black adhesive pearls for the rabbit's eyes.

Die-cut a pink number 5 and a magenta number 3 heart before cutting both in half and use two of the halves to form the body.Die-cut a pink number 2 heart and cut it in half to form the feet and die cut a white number 1 heart to form the tail.

Trim around the green 'Happy Easter' phrase and die-cut a pink number 1 heart before cutting it in half. the two halves will form the bunny's hands/paws. Attach the hands to the top of the banner as shown using adhesive foam pads and gently curl them around the rear of the banner.

Assemble all the bits of your bunny prior to mounting onto the base card. My white base card measures 14 x 21 cm, almost A5 in other words. I have attached a rectangle of the yellow spotty paper and a strip of the diamond patterned trim taken from the embellishment sheet.

And here is the finished article, as you can see I have mounted the various bits using a combination of double-sided tape and adhesive foam pads to create a little dimension, For the finishing touch, I added some thin strips of white card to my bunny's cheeks in place of whiskers. I had so much fun revisiting the bunny, hope you like it? 


  1. oh my... this is sooooooooo cute.... love love love it

  2. Beautiful project Pete!
    I love it!


  3. Thanks very much, I will try to drop in the odd project made using the Framelits hearts and circles from time to time, just for fun!

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  5. Классная идея!!! Очень красивый зайчик!))