Monday, 2 March 2015


The quilt top is nearly complete with 20 out of 25 blocks now done. I had a couple of good sewing sessions last week and had to take over the dining table as it's bigger than my sewing table.

Progress on the quilt top was slow at the beginning as still being fairly new to quilting, I didn't have much experience with pinning to get the best results with point-matching. In fact as a sewist I was pretty much anti-pins, I rarely used them and never at all when making soft toys (my usual area of sewing). I always found pinning unnecessary and it wasted too much time and so I had to get used to taking that extra time to pin properly before sewing.

After much experimenting and searching for tips online I finally found the pinning method that best suited me:

First, with right sides of the fabric together, a pin was inserted through each of the 2 points that were to match up. Then using this first pin to anchor the points together, another pin was inserted along the vertical seam to make sure that both sides were aligned. Lastly, making sure from the raw edges that it all definitely matched up, a pin was fixed on either side before the first pin was removed. I'm sure you know all this and have your own pinning techniques but I was so pleased to hit on a method that worked for me (and I had become a little points-obsessed)!

So only 5 more blocks to go, the end is in sight!

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