Monday, 16 March 2015


Did I really say that I was realistically aiming to have my quilt finished by now? What was I thinking?! It turns out that target was incredibly optimistic - to say the least!

It was basted on schedule but after that, once the quilting began, the schedule crumbled. The quilting design is quite dense and whilst simple is really time-consuming.

Using the machine foot as a guide I'm quilting 3 lines on either side of the vertical and horizontal seams. I really like the grids that form where the lines intersect and the un-quilted squares in the centre of each pieced square.

The backing fabric is Mustang in Olive by Cotton and Steel. I absolutely love this fabric, it feels a little extravagant using it for backing but seeing as the quilt is for our bed and I have a bolt of it I decided that it was an acceptable extravagance.

So far I'm about halfway through the quilting but I'm not giving any estimates as to when it will be finished! Soon though, hopefully.

Half-Square Triangles, 4 1/2in Finished Square die used for entire quilt top.

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