Thursday, 2 April 2015

A happy trio of baby quilts

Hello again, and Happy Easter to you.
As you can see, from the photo below, I have made progress on the baby quilts - and I think I might be able to finish them this weekend.
I think you'll agree they look quite different, but all have the rectangle in common, it was a happy decision to make the task easier, which worked for me!
This quilt is a rail fence, using 2 rectangles for each block.
I laid the whole quilt out and then made the blocks for each row, joined the rows and there we have a cot quilt top.
This quilt uses the square with the rectangle to make a rainbow of blocks that I joined together in sequence.
 This is actually the quilt I made first - using the white strip to alternately with the bright spots.
Now they just need to be quilted and bound - but I think I might manage that this weekend.
So not quite HRH but certainly a bright beginning!
Next week I think I will be showcasing a 'new' die - it's not been in our catalogue for very long and this will be my first time using it - so watch this space!
Enjoy this very special weekend.

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