Sunday, 5 April 2015

Floral Paper Banner

Happy Easter friends! I hope you are enjoying the holidays by taking some time with your family and of course having some crafting time too. We usually spend Easter having a nice lunch and lots of treats. I am sure we will watch some movies and I'll get some knitting done too.

Today I'm sharing a very simple DIY for this Floral Paper Banner. Perfect for Easter home decor.

I used the following supplies:

Using the Big Shot Plus, I cut out 4 flowers and 4 flags for each colour of card stock, I used pink and blue.

I arranged the die cuts along the lace trim to work out the positioning before stitching.

Using a sewing machine on a straight stitch (and on a fairly low speed), I stitched the card stock pieces along the top edge of the lace trim. Stitching through card stock can blunt your needle, so it always good to change it regularly if you are alternating between sewing fabric and card.

Once I had sewn all of the flowers and flags, I trimmed any stray threads and hung my banner. Very Spring like don't you think?

We're having some white chocolate rice crispy cakes with marshmallows as a treat today, they're really tasty! I'll be back next week with some cake toppers for those treats above.


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