Saturday, 4 April 2015

International Baby Shower

What do you do when you want to throw a baby shower but you are separated by an ocean?

You throw a virtual baby shower!

This past week we celebrated the birth of Leo, brand new son of one of our Inspiration Team members, Anna-Karin Evalddson. Their family had just moved to Sweden and the new little guy was born weeks early- in fact she made it to the hospital and 20 minutes later, he arrived!

The Inspiration Team decided that we would all create a project for little Leo and share it on line so it was almost as though Anna-Karin was unwrapping her gifts one by one as she clicked through from blog to blog. I think it went really well- she was very surprised and touched.

Click on each person's name to go to their blog and see how the projects were made!

Here are the projects we created for her!

Tracy Evans

Thanks for joining us for our baby shower. Head over to my blog for see more inspiring projects!

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  1. Loved "attending" this wonderful baby shower. The designers did such a great job.