Tuesday, 28 April 2015

'Flying Geese' Zippy Sewing Pouch

Hello Sizzix friends! I'm SO excited to receive the new Sizzix machine this month! I've been having a blast playing around with it. I really love the new simplistic design, don't you? And it's such a great size! It sits nicely in the window of my sewing room now. I love having it out in easy reach so I can use it regularly.

I've just come back from 'Pour L'Amour du Fil' quilting show in Nantes, France last week, I viewed some incredible work on show and took a couple of workshops, which has got me all fired up to create! One thing I noticed in my classes was the array of adorable sewing bags and organisers that everyone was pulling their supplies from. I had my little handmade zippy organiser with me and my trusty vintage tin to carry supplies. Though I thought my new Sizzix machine could come to the rescue here and help me step up my handmade game ;-)

Today I'm showing you how to make this cute Flying Geese Sewing Pouch. It has a zip - but do not be afraid of zippers - with my method they are easy peasy. It's ideal for holding your scissors and mini rotary cutters for on-the-go sewing.

Finished size: 11" x 5" 

Dies Used: 
Half-Square Triangles, 1 1/2" Finished Square #659983

Strips, 1 1/2" Wide #658327

Squares, 1" Finished (1 1/2" Unfinished) #659987

Fabric in two colours / roughly Fat Eighth of each
6" Zip / or larger trimmed to size
Interfacing / scraps
Batting / scraps
Binding clips

Lining fabric // 
(x1) 6" x 5.5" square - main panel
(x1) 2" x 5.5" rectangle - top panel
(x1) 11.5" x 5.5" rectangle - back panel

Outer fabric //
(x1) 11.5 x 5.5" rectangle - back panel
Using Sizzix: (x20) 1-1/2" HST's / (x1) 1-1/2" strip. Subcut (using rotary cutter) into; 
(x4) 2.5" rectangles
(x2) 5.5" rectangles - zip binding
(x2) 2" rectangles - zip ends
(x1) 1.5" square

Contrast outer fabric (yellow) //
Using Sizzix: (x20) 1-1/2" HST's / (x1) 1-1/2" square

1. Sew your HST's together and layout your block as follows. 

2. Sew your HST units together, and then join together to form rows and then sew the rows together to complete your block. 

3. For the top of the pouch, assemble your HST's and 1-1/2" square as above. 

4. Sew your zip end pieces and fold in half and place on either end of your zip. You will have a 4-1/4" zip opening. Topstitch the zip ends in place. 

5. Take your zip bindings and press in half and then press the edges to the centre to create the bindings.

6. Place the zip bindings so they are wrapped around the zip. It's really helpful to use clips to hold in place here. Use your zipper foot on your sewing machine and sew a topstitch very close to the edge of the binding. 

7. Repeat for opposite side. Your zip is ready for sewing!

8. (Optional) Fuse interfacing to your font panel lining, top panel lining, back panel lining. 

9. Take your front panel lining fabric piece and press the longer edge over by 1/4", place your scrap batting inside the folded edge - then place your front panel block sandwiched on top. Pin in place to secure and quilt as desired. 

10. Repeat steps as above for the top panel section, ensuring the lining fabric is folded over with batting inside - to not expose raw edges. 

11. Place your two front sections right sides up and sew the sections either side of the zip. You will have no exposed raw edges on show, inside and outside. 

12. Sandwich the outer backing fabric right sides down with the batting and then the lining fabric right sides up. Quilt as desired. 

13. Place your front and back sections right sides together (trim to size if required) and sew around the edge with a small seam allowance, but enough to catch all the layers. 

14. Clip the corners of the pouch and turn right sides out. Pouch is complete! 

See you next month for more fun Sizzix sewing! Jessie

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